FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

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Mon Apr 14 02:18:33 CEST 2008

Lowell Higley ha scritto:
> 1) include the custom (closed) cable or at least make it an option

I do agree with this... Also if the cable is sold only by Openmoko it 
should be there, since it's a so important thing for using the phone as 
a "standard phone" (I not always have my PC around, and neither I should 
have electronics knowledge to build my own cable).

If some people doesn't agree with its "philosophy", he could simply 
choose not to include it on the pack, or simply, to resell it...
Imho it would be a too "closed" view, btw!

> 2) ensure the manual includes that a standard USB cable will work.  Be 
> sure to list the limitations of said cable. (I think the wiki has this 
> but it needs to be in the docs that go with the phone.)

Ok, this could be a workaround, but just a workaround for me...

> 3) publish the pinout / construction of the custom cable.  Maybe publish 
> the BOM and your source of those items.  Perhaps a 3rd party could make 
> a small ebay fortune out of this item.

Of course for keeping up our idea and to help who loves self-making 
you'll have absolutely to publish these informations!

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