PVT Update.

steve steve at openmoko.com
Mon Apr 14 04:01:56 CEST 2008

 The last of DVT testing is I think complete. These are destructive tests.
Where we try to break the phone.
The Last of the PVT runs are finishing up and then we will start  MP.

The testing of PVT phones is showing good quality and the last batch passed
the threshold so we can begin
The final process of MP.

There are two big milestones ahead.

1. A final release of software to the factory. Bug Fixing will go on after
this, but the image we commit
Is one we will stick with for a while. Don't ask me what "a while" is. I'll
talk about the software release
Late Next week and let you all know what made it into the first release and
what will come later. 

2. Improving Test throughput. Optimizing the output of production means that
the test time must be faster
 that the production time, grossly speaking. So, people are focused on
improving the speed of production

So, short version: design is verified. Hardware is production worthy. Yeild
results are good.

We have a couple important milestones to hit. 

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