FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

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I want to keep things as simple as possible for our shipping folks. So,
that's the current plan. I'll make rational adjustments as time goes
forward. Think about the 10 pack as a bulk product. That's what it is.


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On Monday 14 April 2008 00:13, steve wrote:
> There will be two  products. Buy 1 OR buy 10. ( in 850 and 900 versions of
> course)

This seems like an odd decision to me, is it just a limitation of the store 
software you are using? Even OS Commerce can handle price breaks.

The same thing happens at 15, 19 ? 

> So, if you wanted 11 you would buy a 10 +1.  and yes, this is a always an
> issue in volume sales.

Sorry but 10+1 is never an issue in volume sales because no one does it like

that. It's 10+ 100+ 1000+ etc... You don't treat 11 any different from 10 in

pricing terms.


Andy / ScaredyCat

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