FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

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 I am trying to balance all of these issues and keep the ordering process
and fulfillment process simplified.


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2008/4/14 Dirk Deimeke <dirk at>:
>  > let me know what you think. My inclination is Open accessories.
>  I agree to Open accessories.
>  Thinks I would like to see in the box:
>  - Charger
>  - USB-Cable
>  - Headset
>  I also would like to have - may be separately:
>  - Stylus
>  - Pouch
>  - MicroSD

maybe i'm wrong, but i can't see om being able to source microsd cards
at a competitive price. e.g. i can walk down the road and get 8gb for
<80usd. even if they can source the cards cheaply, i'd rather not have
the price pushed up for the sake of including one, which may or may
not be a useful size for me.

there's also warranties; if something other than the handset breaks, i
want to be able to take it down the road to get it fixed/replaced if
possible, not have to post if off and wait for a replacement to come

the other items may be more attractive, but only if they're really
necessary and don't put up the price for more than i can get them at
dick smiths, or are unique to the neo

personally, i'd want:
*a modified charger (if one is made)
*a pouch
included, and that's it
anything else, including a generic charger, i'd prefer to source
myself as and if it's needed, to keep the cost low

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