FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

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 Good question.


  I have copied Michael Shiloh on this mail. He's on travel now. If I tried
to answer your question I would just beclown myself.


 So, Michael, can you recap the charger technical details. perhaps an update
on the Wiki.  Charger FAQS. etc.







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2008/4/14, steve <steve at>:

  1. We have a custom charger that can fast charge the phone.
  2. Standard usb chargers will work just fine.

How long will charging the phone take with the fast charger vs. a normal

If a standard USB charger will take on the order of 12 hours (1200 mAh
battery / 100 mA, probably more due <100% efficiency), that is really
borderline of what sounds acceptable, if an overnight charge won't be enough
to fully charge the phone.

I fully sympathise and agree with using easily accessible hardware, but if
standard chargers take this long, perhaps the next hardware generation
should use something like easily available Nokia chargers or similar.

If it were possible to inexpensively construct some adapter cable to
existing commodity chargers to charge the Freerunner at 1 amp, that would of
course be an option too. I realize this wouldn't be ready for the upcoming
developer release.


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