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Mon Apr 14 20:38:09 CEST 2008

 Hello all,

 Short version:
 Will the firmware on the Neo FreeRunner work with all AT&T SIM cards?

 Long version:
 I've been following this mailing list for over a year and am patiently
 waiting for the FreeRunner to be available.  In the mean time I have
 purchased (with a contract discount) a new phone from AT&T and with this
 new phone I received a new SIM.  The new SIM card I received is one of
 the cards listed at as not
 working.  So I am just curious if I need to stick with the old SIM card
 I already have (and am using in the new phone) or if I can start using
 this new card.  Now I know that Openmoko has received an updated
 firmware for the GSM chip that is meant to get these SIM cards working.
 I also know that Michael Shiloh has updated the firmware on several
 peoples phones to test out that it works.  So my question is does the
 updated firmware (which I assume will be on the FreeRunner) allow all
 AT&T SIM cards to work (or atleast my specific one)?

 (The specific SIM card I am worried about is the 71234 G 3022.)

 Oh and of course thank you to everybody that has put in work on this
 project.  Keep up the great work.

   Waiting to purchase my Neo FreeRunner,
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