What should be included in packaging (was: Re: FreeRunner Pricingand PVT update)

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Thanks Bobby,


 The approach you suggest is one that we will take eventually when we have
established a predictable run rate.

 What’s that mean?  When you sell a  million Ipods per month, lets say, then
you can establish an ATTACH RATE for

accessories. for every million ipods, I sell 100,000 chargers, 5000 screen
protectors, 62567, car chargers.

Like so.  That way, you know how many to order, how many to stock, and you
design packaging ect etc.


Breaking out accessories into an ala carte system incurs overhead both on
production side and the shipping

side. At certain volumes these overheads are minimized.


If you like I can explain further. But for now I am minimizing SKU count.





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I am one of those crazy people who use the neo 1973 as their everyday phone,
and I NEVER use the pouch.  Does any current every day user use the pouch or

I lost the stylus (it's way too cool; if you forget it at a restaurant or
something, you don't get a call asking if you want it back :-)

For me, the must have list would be just the charger.

However, to me this seems like a super-simple problem to solve!  By default
(after the 'goodies' release, of course), you just get the phone.  Anything
else may be useless junk to any particular customer, destined for a

By default, you just get the phone, but you are given a little list of all
the extras with a checkbox for each to see if you want it in your package.
They are reasonably priced, and shipped in the same packaging as the phone.
There is clear text that you will need a Neo specific charger to
automatically get fast charge, and that only a 2.5 mm headphone compatible
with X mobile phone will work.

Something like this:
    Your shopping cart:
        1 $399  Neo FreeRunner
    Would you like any of the following add-ons?
       [ ] $9.99 Wall charger  (the Neo can only "fast charge" from a Neo
compatible charger or a computer USB cable)  (What is this?)
       [ ] $3.99 USB to mini-A cable  (What is this?)
       [ ] $9.99 powered USB host cable  (What is this?)
       [ ] $2.99 cool Neo FreeRunner lanyard (What is this?)

Of course, I'm sure other answers seem just as obviously correct to others


Not providing SD card could take off taxes about private copy or other
bullshits like that from RIAA and friends... as I said in a previous mail. 

To me charger should be provided, with stylus, headset and pouch at least.

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