FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

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USB cable is in.




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My opinion:

+ USB-cable is essentially! I think the nice FreeRunner won't look nice with
a self-made cable...
+ pouch
+ lanyard (this is something Moko-specific like the pouch...)

- no stylus
- no SD-card (1/2 GByte are too small, more are too expensive)
- no headset (some want big ones, others small ones...)


Am Montag, den 14.04.2008, 16:48 +0200 schrieb Kevin Zuber: 

I totally agree with you, Marco!
But I would like to add two important things:
-The Pouch is more important than "needed" for me, it's essential. It
will always be there, when I'm not using it, I also don't want a
"no-name" pouch, because I like that one with the word "openmoko" on it,
because it is simply great! I also like this "neoprene"-outfit.
-The MicroSD is less than optional, because here in germany (don't know
about other countries) you get an xxSD card really everywhere for just a
few euros. Another point is, that I can buy that size I want to buy
(depends on the money I would like to spend on it). 
Two notices for optional gadgets:
-Lanyard: I don't think one with "openmoko" on it is a standard part,
and I like it :) (I also think it's a really cheap but great part)
-Headset: Every ones ears are other ears: small, big... and because of
the standard port every headset should work. I also thought that the
openmoko (GTA01) headset has no mic. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Am Montag, den 14.04.2008, 02:35 +0200 schrieb "Marco Trevisan
> steve ha scritto:
> > Many people have voiced there opinion to me about what EXTRAS they would
> > like in the box ( most of them legal) so, the team will make a decision.
> > We won't please everybody, but it will be a rational decision, based on
> > cost of the extra goodies, availability, and importance, and your
> I do think that the needed goodies to have a market-ready device are:
>   - AC Charger (better if "custom")
>   - Headset (with mic?)
>   - Pouch (well, I figure our Freerunner will be there most of the time!)
>   - Stylus
> Optional:
>   - MicroSD
>   - USB Cable
>   - Lanyard
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