FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

Philippe Guillebert phyce at
Tue Apr 15 00:49:14 CEST 2008

steve wrote:
> USB cable is in.

Hello all,

Sorry to keep that up but I see three kind of potential cables and I'm 
not sure which one you're talking about :

- First is male USB A <=> freerunner (USB mini AB, I believe) : it is 
used for charging and using usb slave functions (usb mass storage...). 
This one is pretty standard and can be found in every shop. I'm guessing 
you're talking about this one.

- The second is a female USB A <=> freerunner. It's used for host mode 
(for example, plugging a usb key or keyboard to the neo. I've got no 
idea if it is easy to find that one in a shop.

- The third one is the famous "Y cable", that is pretty much the same as 
#2 except it gets an additional male USB A connector in order to provide 
current to the neo (from any charger) while using host mode. It doesn't 
seem very straightforward to use (a three-way cable ?) but covers all 
the cases of cable #2 (hence it is more "universal"). It definitively 
cannot be found in a shop and I guess this involves a cutter and some 
dirty electronics to make one.

I hope I'm making this clearer, and wonder what we can expect in the 
final package ?


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