Target Market (was: Re: Charger?)

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Tue Apr 15 09:43:00 CEST 2008

> Yes, it is a Linux computer that fits into our pockets.
> But who cares? Only our small community of Linux geeks. But there
> is no *mass market* for that.

The market is: software developers who are using linux as their base.

Consider the music-device market.  Its huge.  Linux devices like the  
neo1973 are about to hit it *big

 > It must
> * look great
> * be easy to use
> * simply work
> * entertain
> * cheap is better

Agree with you there.  As a music-software developer, I can't state  
how exciting it is that I can ship my app in a smart, attractive,  
pocket format such as the neo1973 provides.  Sign me up for a 20- 
pack, and let me ship my apps right on it directly to my customers.   
Suddenly: you can make $$ with software, again.  By packaging it right.

> Our community is IMHO a small community for which Linux and freedom  
> of software
> development is the most attractive entertainment.

Our community is not consumers, it is producers.  If we undermine our  
stance on what exactly these devices can do and who it can do what  
for, then we are, essentially, destroying ourselves ..

> Therefore, I conclude that the Neo will remain a niche product  
> unless it becomes
> more consumer oriented (as the original post indicated) - or  
> someone makes
> the masses clear that they need a Linux computer in their pocket.

It only takes one or two very nice applications to prove that people  
will want this.  I've already sold about 10 neo1973's, virtually, on  
the basis of my music demo's ..

Jay Vaughan

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