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mstovel at comcast.net wrote:
>  Although  I may not be the typical end user, I want to say that i believe this phone will have appeal to end users like me, who are looking for a phone that can be updated and customized.   The Freerunner is in a great position to appeal to those who  think GREEN.   I have 5 cell phones that need to be recycled....what a waste. 
>  My question is... since I am not a developer... what would be the risk of getting one when available to list members?    Appreciate  any input.   Been waiting so long.
Cannot say much about risks
From technical POV Freerunner is just a great smart phone running free 
operating system.
If you ready to update software running on device frequently and not 
frightened by possible bugs or missing features for a while - buy it.
Otherwise wait for mass production and consumer ready software.
Openmoko want to produce working hardware, make it available early to 
developers and polish software on the go.
Take this points.
Make your decision.

>  vote to have the AC charger and stylus and the lanyard (unique with the logo) 
> Mary

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