FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

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 Let's do a thought experiment

 I'll sell you all the red phones you care to buy at a deep discount.
 In fact, I will promise never to sell a RedRunner and let you have
 all of the red phone market.

 How many would you buy? 

 Today, they like red, yesterday it was pink, Tuesday will be herringbone.
That is fashion.
Skirts go up. They come down.

 Nothing wrong with that!

  But for now We are choosing a different path. 


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On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 6:29 AM, Kosa <kosa at> wrote:
> > Has somebody eaten a clown this morning at breakfast? ;-)
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> > Of course noone really wants a pink freerunner, does someone?
> I do! :D (just kidding)

I recently was at a dinner with former colleagues. The subject turned to
OpenMoko and mobile phones. I asked my female former colleague what her
killer feature would be. Without hesitation she said: It has to be red. That
was the ONLY requirement.

When I told the story to my girl friend she said: "Can I get one in red,

Neither of them cared about about the size of,the phone (which I personally
find a big too large), as they were going to carry it in their bag.

I think we seriously underestimate that 50% of the population is female. If
painting it red can raise the sales, I would say, go for it.


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