Buy the Neo fra Norway

Roland Häder r.haeder at
Wed Apr 16 16:31:27 CEST 2008

350 EURO + 5 EURO for shipping and handling to me as a german citizen. They 
are from Germany so I don't know if they sell to Norway as well and under the 
same conditions. So maybe higher S&H price. :/

Order together with many people as you can get. And yes, get their money 
first... ;-)


On Wednesday, 16. April 2008, Alexander Frøyseth wrote:
> Hei
> I have heard that only people from Asia and US can buy from OpenMoko
> And that people fra Europe have to buy from trisoft.
> The problem here is that trisoft is selling it for 399€
> I do NOT know if this is true or correct
> Is this true?
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