Buy the Neo fra Norway

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Wed Apr 16 16:39:19 CEST 2008

	Subject: Re: Buy the Neo fra Norway
	Date: Wed 16 Apr 08 04:21:40PM +0200

Quoting Edwin Lock (edwinlock at

> Yes, people in Europa can buy from TRIsoft (maybe also 10-pack, it's best to
> mail TRIsoft about this).

But there were voices that FIC was about to set up a european
distribution center. They should be able to sell us a phone for the
equivalent of US$399 plus any tax and shipping (hopefully, clearly

Today, US$399 = 252.22€ (

I vaguely remember reading that it was found out that setting up a EU
hub was found to be not that practical (although I did not read

If a EU hub does not exist by the time the phone is available for
sale, I plan to buy directly from Taiwan. I hope I will be allowed to
do that. They should charge my credit card at the day's rate, and I
would then probably have to pay import duties and VAT.


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