Stop talking about hardware!

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Wed Apr 16 19:32:54 CEST 2008

Matt Manjos wrote:
> I guess people could get it airbrushed if it was a matte plastic case,
> maybe shipped with primer already painted on it.
> Seems like a lot of work, but it would really fit well with the whole
> customization thing.
> Maybe FIC could start selling DIY at-home plastic injection molding kits, too ;)

Yea right.
As if it would not be hard enough to get the phone selling. :)

Come one people. You you need anything in hardware, then make it yourselves!
Openmoko is piggybacking on a existing design at Fic. They can and will 
not change this any more.

If alternative cases are such a good idea. Why can't i buy one now?

If you think it is reasonable to ask Fic to do it, then first ask 
yourselves; Can you make a business on it?
Then you will see that a bunch of crazy hackers is not a big marked. And 
hardware is expensive to fabricate.
We can be lucky that Fic recognises us as customers with certain needs. 
And they make a good job in meeting them.

As i understood, Fic is in the last testing phases for the hardware. 
They and we can be happy if they even make it nearly to the planned 
So please. Can we all stop asking for hardware changes if we don't 
absolutely want to make themselves?
I have seen so much hot air regarding this. I can not longer hear it!

If you want to change something, take the initiative.
Or put you effort into the software, it needs it. Really!

PS: Sorry Matt. I know it was only sarcasm. I just needed to get this 
off my chest before i burst even harder. I could not longer bear to hear 
pipe dreams about hardware.
Hardware makes (almost?) 90% of the discussions here and it is the only 
thing where we had very limited freedom for change from the beginning 
and even less now since the device is almost ready for mass fabrication.


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