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Peter Abplanalp pta-openmoko at
Wed Apr 16 20:20:44 CEST 2008

hi all,

with the release of the freerunner coming up, i'm wondering about the
roadmap and future for openmoko and additional phones.  i'm an advanced
linux user but have no experience with openmoko or the cell phone platform
and thus i'm wondering if the the freerunner is the phone for me or not
seeing as how what i've read on this list is that the freerunner is still an
"advanced user" phone.  does anyone at openmoko know when we might expect
the next phone after the freerunner?  if it is going to be more than a year
or so, i think i want to get a freerunner but if the next phone would be a
year or less away, i may wait.

any thoughts?

Peter Abplanalp
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