Colored cases, etc - Was Re: FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

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Well, you actualy have to design the case to allow painting.
Paint has THICKNESS. So if you look at the clearence for buttons, you would
have one clearence
for a non painted plastic and a bigger clearence for a painted plastic part.
I have made this mistake before, when I wanted to change colors at the last
minute and the painted plastic
parts didnt exactly provide the types of clearences ( etc) that you need.
All that said, there are parts on FR
that could be painted without ruining fit and function.  The back cover,
and front cover
The middle part which houses the UBS, ext ant, etc etc, is the part I would
worry about painting, because
of the clearence problem for the connectors and buttons that are brought out
through that plane of the device. 


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Hmm in this goal, why not to sell "blank" case, non finished
ones, witout any painting, just to be customized/adapted later ?

I don't think only with painting, but integrate an eye cam or other
expansion pack, or wifi external connectors for example...

Even one water proof why not :) 

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For the one off, you could check out
They do injection molding of various plastics in "many" colors.

I'm not sure if you could make a profit by having them make a ton of
cases and then reselling them or not.


On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 5:22 AM, Hugo Mills <hugo-om at> wrote:
>    Maybe there's someone out there with the know-how to make blank
>  cases based on the published OM designs? I'd guess it's a matter of
>  making suitable injection-moulded components -- front and back -- and
>  then either ringing the changes with the plastic colour used, or just
>  selling white ones that can then be painted and lacquered.  I have no
>  idea of the economics of injection moulding, though.
>    Hugo.

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