FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

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Go for it. 

Let me know if I can help in any way. Off list. 

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On 16/04/2008, Hugo Mills <hugo-om at> wrote:
>    I have no experience at all in manufacturing -- my closest moment  
> came when I did some work on production scheduling in a flour mill --  
> but I still thought it was worth finding out what it would cost to do  
> it. I doubt that I'll have the capital, drive or time to bring this  
> idea to fruition, but I might as well see what's involved...


I do happen to know a bit about this sort of thing. I know a guy in HK that
owns a tool maker and mold shop in China. I have had a few products that I
have designed made by him, and he is very good. If you have asked UK based
companies this question, I expect you may see a delay as they are all at a
show in Telford this week [1]. The guy in HK will probable be a lot cheaper,
and also quicker with the tooling.
The part prices may be a bit higher to account for the shipping.

Let me know if you want his details off list.

Philip Stubbs


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