HAPPY DANCE version .9. Teenagers stop fighting!

steve steve at openmoko.com
Thu Apr 17 03:37:33 CEST 2008

I decided to do a test of sorts. I gave a phone to the boys and decided to
let them see if they could
Figure it out. I gave them 1 bit of info. Go buy a Pay as you go phone and
make sure it's GSM. Put
That Sim in the NEO. And I made them use their money. 

I also told them to make a you tube video. Then I said nothing else. They
went out to the stores
To get a pay as you go phone and to try to source a cable for the dang video
camera. They came back
And the cable for the video camera was the wrong one. I said nothing. We
opened the pay as you go
Phone. The plastic package was so thick I had two choices. Plasma torch or
garden shears. I chose the latter.

That's when the fight broke out between me and them. Who puts the simm card
in, etc etc?
"Dad you don't understand. Let us do it." So I did. They didn't want my damn
help and would not listen
To a fricken thing I said. I told them "fine dont screw it up."

About 10 minutes later my land line rings. Crap. Crap. crap. Who is calling
me now?

FreeRunner #98.

They will make a video later if  we can find a cable.  right now these boys
who never stop fighting are out having dinner together.

HA. Neo and world peace. I feel like miss america.

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steve wrote:
> Dhl delivered  goodies today. I gave one to my kids. One phone. Two 
> teenage boys.
> Stress testing. They fighting over it. Ha.

If they break the hardware, is that a successful stress test?


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