which applications are usable

Marcus Bauer marcus.bauer at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 19:43:52 CEST 2008

On Thu, 2008-04-17 at 16:41 +0200, Eildert Groeneveld wrote:

> with the Freerunner approaching I wonder which applications are currently
> in a usable status? Apparently, Steve's managed to make a phone call.
> What about SMS or addressbook? Is there a list somewhere? or does the current
> qemu download give an impression (its so slow its not really useful)

Adding to what Kevin said I can say that GPS work very well too. I hae
been playing a bit with the software stack and being a great fan of
openstreetmap I developed a little mapping software using these maps.

If you want to check it out, there are packages for your desktop too,
i.e. for Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Fedora and eeePC.

The homepage is http://www.tangogps.org/

And I fully agree with Kevin that the Openmoko team has done a good job
in bringing a usable set of apps to us: I use my neo 1973 without major
probs on a daily basis. Actually I love the web browser links in
graphical mode. Beats everything out there ;-)


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