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Fri Apr 18 01:27:09 CEST 2008

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> I also planned to buy some screen protectors for the freerunner... 
> Reading comments on the net I've heard that the best ones are the 
> "Brando" (they've a site shipping worldwide, but I can't find it now) 
> anyway I don't really know if it's an hoax or not...
> BTW since the Openmoko phones aren't "commercial phones", to find the 
> screen protector with the right size (or something bigger), I'd need to 
> know which other phone/PDA has the same screen size of the Freerunner.
> Do you have advices for this?

Well, I asked this Brando directly, I've said them that the Freerunner 
LCD has the size of 46mm x 61mm (is this true? Please, if I'm wrong post 
here right values) and they replied me:

> The nearest size is 45.2 mm W. x  59.5mm H (iPAQ rx4000 = ETEN P300).
> Please check if this size would fit.

What should I answer them?

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