Micheal Shiloh: where were you?

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 I will answer the question on warrenty in due course.  For now, assume a
policy like we had on GTA01.  14 days for DOA. I'm working at coming up
with a more comprehensive policy. But Until then we will default to the last
known value.


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Michael Shiloh wrote:
> I'm sorry to have disappointed you all. I'm afraid that due to unforseen
>  circumstances I was unable to attend. To my regret I wasn't able to
> inform the conference organizers in time.
> Just out of curiosity, how many were in the Openmoko session? 


Your session was slotted for 5:30-6:30 pm today (Wednesday).
The room could hold 30+ people (I think).  And it was full.
During the dinner following the sessions, I was talking to
a consultant who said that he had bumped into you in SF
a couple of times.  He is also looking forward to laying
his hands on a Freerunner.

Will you be coming tomorrow?

I had several questions that I wanted to ask you after your session:

. Steve has ignored :( my question on the warranty.  I wanted to
  get some data from you on it.

. I wanted to find out if you knew of any group of people
  in the Bay Area who may be interested in a 10-pack.

. I wanted to hold the Freerunner to check out its feel.  I wanted
  to use the stylus to see whether I was comfortable with it.

. I wanted to ask you about ultra clear versus ultra clear plus
  LCD protectors and if you had any experience with either.

. I wanted your opinion on the software stack that would be
  available with the first product release of the Freerunner.
  I guess all this has to be done by email now :( .

Above all, I wanted to personally meet you.

I had a conversation with a Nokia research employee on the sidelines
who was talking about porting a standard Linux distribution to the
Nokia 800/810.  I asked him if Nokia had any plans on
adding a phone to their Internet tablet.  He said that he couldn't
reveal any future product plans.  I opined that this was an
advantage of Openmoko in that they were fairly forthcoming on
their plans and solicited ideas from the community.  His response was
that while Openmoko devices were good to play with and had certain
advantages (he had one himself), Nokia was a consumer oriented
company that produced and sold a huge number of consumer oriented
devices.  Not sure what he was trying to say.  I could have
gotten the two of you together and we could have had a good
conversation.  This may have been particularly useful in light
of recent threads on end customers opinions and the lack of
focus group testing.

One of the Asian companies (can't remember which, sorry), was
demonstrating Android (Google's mobile platform).  Trolltech
was demonstrating Qt on a Broadcom phone platform.  There were some
other demonstrations as well.  So, quite a few phone related
demonstrations and presentations.


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