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Fri Apr 18 02:33:31 CEST 2008

On 4/18/08, Bastian Muck <bastian.muck at gmx.de> wrote:
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> Too big? Which resolution do you use? 300x200? Ok, with 1920x1200 many
> things can be too small (specially flash videos and fixed sized hps) but I
> think this is also in an usual resolution too small.The solution to make it
> bigger at my browser is not the right way i think. Many people don't have
> good eyes and they should also can read the menu.

This is a compromise between too big and including people which use
too high resolution. If you have this big resolution, and you don't
have any problems on other web pages, you don't have a problem here,

Adjusting the font size is easy (ctrl-+), except if you use IE (you
have to go on View -> Text size -> Largest if you use IE).

Some people use special glasses when they use the computer... you
cannot expect this wiki to use 24pt text. People like to see more than
just a few words at a time. I want to see the whole page without
horizontal scrolling and the whole index table without vertical
scrolling. I think I am not the only one.

I do not have larger resolution that 800x600 here (very little
screen), and really hate too large fonts.

That is just my opinion.

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