3G? What about CDMA?

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Fri Apr 18 05:25:34 CEST 2008

I believe CDMA is a proprietary technology owned/licensed/patented by
Qualcom.  If that is correct, you'd have to license to use the patent.  Kind
of conflicts with the idea of an "open" phone.  I guess no more so than some
of the GSM stuff... but hey.. who knows.

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> I talk with friends and co-workers about OpenMoko and the Neo
> Freerunner all the time.  Inevitably, they say something like "That's
> cool.  Will it work with Verizon?" or "That's cool.  Will it work with
> Sprint?".  And of course, the answer is no...  I don't think any of my
> friends are with at&t (even though they're supposedly the largest
> wireless carrier in the US) or any other GSM provider.  They're all on
> Sprint or Verizon.  I myself was originally on Verizon and switched to
> at&t solely for the Neo.  But most people aren't willing to do that
> (and most are locked into contracts with a $250+ early termination
> fee).
> So, have you considered making a CDMA version of the Neo?  I think
> that'd about double your sales in the US.
> -Steven
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