Will Freerunner have DUN support?

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Fri Apr 18 11:41:55 CEST 2008

> There may not be a built-in way to activate it, but it'll be in
> there... it's part of bluez. It may require some 3rd party work to
> make it easy to get at.

SettingsGUI has a bit of a start at making this viable .. I imagine  
once things settle down with the release, this feature will flesh out  
pretty rapidly.  I know quite a few people  (myself included) who  
would like to use their GPRS accounts with the Freerunner/neo1973,  
and if it weren't for the fact that my neo is currently *always*  
unusable because of my non-stable development work, I'd be using it  
as a replacement for my current USB HDSPA dongle, which sucks the  
cool out of my EEEPC by giving me a dongly tether to deal with on the  
train.  It'd be much better if my EEEPC could talk wirelessly to my  
OM phone, and have the OM phone be the Internet router I've always  
dreamed of ..

Jay Vaughan

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