Unofficial poll: Do you want 3G in the proposed successor, GTA03?

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Fri Apr 18 12:29:50 CEST 2008

	Subject: Re: Unofficial poll: Do you want 3G in the proposed successor, GTA03?
	Date: ven 18 apr 08 08:25:57 +0200

Quoting Flemming Richter Mikkelsen (quatrox at

> Two things:
>  1) It is not just to print the circuit board even if you had the shematics.
> When you have transmission lines, you also need to tweak by moving the
> components, measure, move some more, measure again...and there are many
> other things too.
>  2) Nobody wants to reroute just to add a keypad. You can just connect it on
> usb or some other available bus.

I believe what I am asking may be within the plans I had read about
from FIC (producing a range of different products centered on the same
technological "core").

Doing the rerouting and the tweaking is not elementary, I agree, but
FIC is in a position to produce a keyboard-equipped (*NOT* numeric
keypad!) GTA02.2 in a MUCH shorter time and with a MUCH smaller effort
than anybody else, due to both the accessibility of the circuit files,
and the large experience they are putting together in these months

While I am on the subject, I would suggest:

GTA02.2: Nokia E91i form-factor 

GTA02.3: Nokia Communicator form-factor (double screen, double
keyboard, clam-shell with a much more useable QWERTY keyboard).

GTA02.999 (pure fantasy-land): Asus EEE form-factor. An ultra-portable
laptop with a GSM modem included and a small, extractable headset that
can be easily hand-picked when having to make a call. I am thinking of
a solid cradle for a bluetooth earphone, that is automatically charged
while on-hook. You have your EEE-sized gizmo in your duffel bag, or
you are typing on it, and the phone rings (loudspeaker). You pick up
the earphone and answer the call. You can close the call by re-hooking
the earphone (or maybe by clicking on a screen icon). Or you keep the
earphone on your ear and you hear the ringing sound. You can thus
even keep the EEE in your rucksack.

(if FIC is listening: you may want to call your colleagues at ASUS: by
joining forces you could now bring to market GTA02.999 in no time!)

Software-wise: once the Openmoko interface is solid enough, so that
you can offer a workable interface to phone, sms and PIM-related
functions (contacts, agenda, to do), it is just a question to merge
the Openmoko layer into, for example, the Xandros distribution that
Asus uses for the EEE. The new EEE 900 has a 20Gb (!) solid-state
memory device. There is space for all you need on your transportable
PC plus phone.

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