Unofficial poll: Do you want 3G in the proposed successor, GTA03?

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Fri Apr 18 12:42:06 CEST 2008

On 4/18/08, Carlo E. Prelz <fluido at> wrote:
>        Subject: Re: Unofficial poll: Do you want 3G in the proposed
> successor, GTA03?
>        Date: ven 18 apr 08 08:25:57 +0200
> Quoting Flemming Richter Mikkelsen (quatrox at
> > Two things:
> >  1) It is not just to print the circuit board even if you had the
> shematics.
> > When you have transmission lines, you also need to tweak by moving the
> > components, measure, move some more, measure again...and there are many
> > other things too.
> >  2) Nobody wants to reroute just to add a keypad. You can just connect
> it on
> > usb or some other available bus.
> I believe what I am asking may be within the plans I had read about
> from FIC (producing a range of different products centered on the same
> technological "core").
> Doing the rerouting and the tweaking is not elementary, I agree, but
> FIC is in a position to produce a keyboard-equipped (*NOT* numeric
> keypad!) GTA02.2 in a MUCH shorter time and with a MUCH smaller effort
> than anybody else, due to both the accessibility of the circuit files,
> and the large experience they are putting together in these months
> (years?).
> While I am on the subject, I would suggest:
> GTA02.2: Nokia E91i form-factor
> GTA02.3: Nokia Communicator form-factor (double screen, double
> keyboard, clam-shell with a much more useable QWERTY keyboard).
> GTA02.999 (pure fantasy-land): Asus EEE form-factor. An ultra-portable
> laptop with a GSM modem included and a small, extractable headset that
> can be easily hand-picked when having to make a call. I am thinking of
> a solid cradle for a bluetooth earphone, that is automatically charged
> while on-hook. You have your EEE-sized gizmo in your duffel bag, or
> you are typing on it, and the phone rings (loudspeaker). You pick up
> the earphone and answer the call. You can close the call by re-hooking
> the earphone (or maybe by clicking on a screen icon). Or you keep the
> earphone on your ear and you hear the ringing sound. You can thus
> even keep the EEE in your rucksack.
> (if FIC is listening: you may want to call your colleagues at ASUS: by
> joining forces you could now bring to market GTA02.999 in no time!)
> Software-wise: once the Openmoko interface is solid enough, so that
> you can offer a workable interface to phone, sms and PIM-related
> functions (contacts, agenda, to do), it is just a question to merge
> the Openmoko layer into, for example, the Xandros distribution that
> Asus uses for the EEE. The new EEE 900 has a 20Gb (!) solid-state
> memory device. There is space for all you need on your transportable
> PC plus phone.
> Slowly descending back to earth...
> Are you sure you want a neo? It sounds more like you want a nokia with

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