SIM Toolkit (STK) in openmoko? (was Re: "home zone" functionality)

Kiro Zimmer openmoko at
Sat Apr 19 01:26:59 CEST 2008


resulting from the question how the "home zome" functionality works, now 
is clear that all newer phones use the SIM toolkit (STK) to display the
"house" on the phone. It seems to me, the AT+CRSM command was never the 
official way to get these information. This lead to the question:

Does openmoko support STK?

One year ago Harald Welte wrote to the same question in [1]

"We don't support SIM toolkit yet, since we don't think it's a high 
important item at all.  In fact, it's not even on our roadmap, similar 
to MMS." [...]

"Those documents are confidential by TI. Also, we currently need all 
our 'communication bandwidth' with TI for other issues."

So we will probably never see the house on the neo/freerunner :-((


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