Neo Freerunner Quickstart Guide

Michael Shiloh michael at
Sat Apr 19 09:04:49 CEST 2008

Since Steve dropped the hint that I've been working on a user guide of 
sorts for the Neo Freerunner, some of you have been asking me about it, 
so we've decided to push it to the website before it's really ready.

The intended audience is a reasonably technical developer, but a 
newcomer to the community, one that doesn't have the background that 
most of you have.

Furthermore, the guide is not intended to explain everything. It's just 
a way to get started. That's why I called it a quickstart guide.

The guide does not describe how to use the current applications. I 
expect they will change a lot, and anyway, most people receiving these 
early samples are more interested in developing their projects based on 
the Freerunner, and are less interested in using the device as their 
daily phone.

Finally, the web page is intentionally free of any decorations. At some 
point we will define a standard Openmoko appearance such as font, 
background color, etc., but for now it's just text. My normal tool for 
creating web pages is vi, and it shows, although I did try to use Open 
Office for this one.

As you will see, I have a lot more to fill in, but I would welcome your 
feedback on what is already there, and suggestions for topics you think 
should be included.

The quickstart guide can be found at


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