Don't ship GTA02v5 without the rework

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Sat Apr 19 09:05:48 CEST 2008

ian douglas ha scritto:
> I agree.
> If the LED's are used by the software to show various states in the 
> software, then why can't we just use software to turn them off when we 
> don't want them on?
> Problem solved, without any hardware hacks needed.
> That's the beauty of open source. Find where the lights are controlled, 
> work around it so the LED's never stay on permanently if you don't want 
> them to, and carry on.
> -id
> Federico Lorenzi wrote:
>> How long exactly do you plan on keeping your LEDs on for?
>> the LEDs aren't exactly a deal breaking feature.

Well the goal of the GTA02 is to be a hardware without known issue, 
after that I am torned in 2 part, the one who say "you don't like the 
led, you don't want the led" and the other one who say "in your old 
motorola the status led was very useful, in the actual phone is the 
same, yeah you can live without them but if it's a known issue why you 
have to do that?"

Ok, let me be serious, if it's a known issue with a missing transistor 
let us know if it could be solved by a "normal" guy with a normal skill 
with soldering, if not then please, please make a small delay to fix 
this. If the issue is a software one it could be solved later (and hey, 
i'm buying a developer edition), if it's an hardware issue it will be 
there for the rest of my neo life and it's quite bad....



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