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On Sat, 19 Apr 2008 09:04:49 +0200, Michael Shiloh <michael at>  

> As you will see, I have a lot more to fill in, but I would welcome your  
> feedback on what is already there, and suggestions for topics you think  
> should be included.

Chapter 4 describes installation of the SIM card, MicroSD card and the  
battery as if they were one task, while in fact it's three different ones.  
It's probably necessary to remove the battery to access the card holders;  
if so, it should be mentioned. Each of the SIM card and MicroSD card can  
be replaced without disturbing the other one, can't they? However, these  
clarifications and breaking down into three tasks is probably not worth  
the hassle, as the developers are going to figure it out anyway, and I  
hardly remember myself ever using a manual to replace the SIM card in any  

The text mentins "provided" accessories several times. However, the next  
deliveries after the some number of the first ones may not include them.

Chapter 7 should describe how to find out the current image versions and  
how to use dfu_util (or where to read about it). It should also tell what  
happens to the user data when the root filesystem is updated.

Chapter 8 should describe how to build the toolchain yourself (how is the  
prebuilt one made?) in case you're not exactly on Intel/Linux.

Putting stuff in /usr/local/openmoko is against FHS. If the package  
insists on installing everything in one directory, it should be  
/opt/openmoko. But this isn't a problem of this guide.

Chapter 8 mentions downloading the package to /tmp (where you might not  
have write access because it's not mentioned in the prerequisites) and  
later unpacking them as if they were in ~/sources.

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