Neo Freerunner Quickstart Guide

Michael Shiloh michael at
Sat Apr 19 11:02:30 CEST 2008

Hi Alexey,

I appreciate your input. Comments below:

Alexey Feldgendler wrote:
> On Sat, 19 Apr 2008 09:04:49 +0200, Michael Shiloh 
> <michael at> wrote:
>> As you will see, I have a lot more to fill in, but I would welcome 
>> your feedback on what is already there, and suggestions for topics you 
>> think should be included.
> Chapter 4 describes installation of the SIM card, MicroSD card and the 
> battery as if they were one task, while in fact it's three different 
> ones. It's probably necessary to remove the battery to access the card 
> holders; if so, it should be mentioned. 

Good point. I was assuming an out-of-the-box install, but it wouldn't 
hurt to make that explicit.

Each of the SIM card and MicroSD
> card can be replaced without disturbing the other one, can't they? 

Nope, it's a LIFO stack. From the top it's battery, SIM, Micro SD.
Gotta take it all out to get at the Micro SD.

> However, these clarifications and breaking down into three tasks is 
> probably not worth the hassle, as the developers are going to figure it 
> out anyway, and I hardly remember myself ever using a manual to replace 
> the SIM card in any phone.

That's because most phones don't have such complicated SIM card holders.

Actually, here's my theory:

Anyone who has NEVER had a GTA01 will figure out the SIM card holder.

Anyone who has had a GTA01 will take awhile to get used to the fact that 
  the card holder locks and unlocks in the opposite direction compared 
to GTA01.

> The text mentins "provided" accessories several times. However, the next 
> deliveries after the some number of the first ones may not include them.

Yeah, I'll have to update this once we decide what's in and what's not.

> Chapter 7 should describe how to find out the current image versions and 
> how to use dfu_util (or where to read about it). It should also tell 
> what happens to the user data when the root filesystem is updated.

Yikes! That's a very important point. Thanks!

> Chapter 8 should describe how to build the toolchain yourself (how is 
> the prebuilt one made?) in case you're not exactly on Intel/Linux.

True, but I'm trying to keep it simple. Once I document everything else, 
perhaps I'll come back and tackle this.

> Putting stuff in /usr/local/openmoko is against FHS. If the package 
> insists on installing everything in one directory, it should be 
> /opt/openmoko. But this isn't a problem of this guide.

Agreeed, and will probably change.

> Chapter 8 mentions downloading the package to /tmp (where you might not 
> have write access because it's not mentioned in the prerequisites)

The beauty of /tmp is that everyone is guaranteed to have write access. 
As I understand it, that's why it was created.

> later unpacking them as if they were in ~/sources.

That's a bug and I will fix it right away.


Again, thanks for your excellent feedback


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