Freerunner will be GTA02v5 or GTA02v6? (was: Fwd: Future Button and LED software spec)

Marc-Olivier Barre marco at
Sat Apr 19 11:51:53 CEST 2008

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 5:45 PM, "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)"
<mail at> wrote:
> I'm re-posting here some mails from the openmoko-devel "Future Button and
> LED software spec" thread [1] in which there are some infos about Freerunner
> hardware that I think they should be more visible.
>  Summarizing, they say that the GTA02v6 hardware version fixes an hardware
> bug that causes the LEDs to use about 150mW instead of 25mW.
>  Btw Werner Almesberger stated there that the first batch of GTA02 to be
> sold will be composed by GTA02v5 phones while GTA02v6 hardware will be sold
> only in a second phase.
>  The hardware differencies between the two versions [2] (I've updated with
> this LEDs issue) don't seem so worthless since there are some power fixes
> (not only this one).

WTF ???

Great news. I booked a phone on Trisoft at the beginning of the week
only to find that I'd be getting a v5 board with *A Hardware Design
Issue*. Wasn't that exactly why we all waited to get our hands on a
GTA02 ? wasn't the hardware meant to be stabilized ? sure we'll always
find some bugs here and there, but 125mW extra power sucked by
leds.... man, hardware power issues were meant to be *fixed*
Marc-Olivier Barre,

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