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> That's because most phones don't have such complicated SIM card holders.
> Actually, here's my theory:
> Anyone who has NEVER had a GTA01 will figure out the SIM card holder.
> Anyone who has had a GTA01 will take awhile to get used to the fact that
>  the card holder locks and unlocks in the opposite direction compared to
> GTA01.


Ok, I think this point might warrant a warning sticker or some such warning,
because the holder is quite sensitive and small, and it would be easy to
force it the wrong way, especially since the GTA01 goes in that other way.

That said, I tend to carefully try both directions for the 01, so I might
not have any problems with the 02.

Chapter 7 should describe how to find out the current image versions and how
> > to use dfu_util (or where to read about it). It should also tell what
> > happens to the user data when the root filesystem is updated.
> >
> Yikes! That's a very important point. Thanks!

It should also make reference to versions for different operating systems,
or at least a wiki page with links to some of the various tools.

> Chapter 8 should describe how to build the toolchain yourself (how is the
> > prebuilt one made?) in case you're not exactly on Intel/Linux.
> >
> True, but I'm trying to keep it simple. Once I document everything else,
> perhaps I'll come back and tackle this.

I'd suggest this is a separate piece of documentation. Maybe an "appendix",
or simply separated by one blank page but with it's own table of contents.

"Quickstarting" the phone should be one process, and we shouldn't assume
hackers need a toolchain to start hacking. (I can write shell scripts w/o a
toolchain, etc). I think it's a good idea to have this piece here, but I
have a feeling that as a toy, people will get to the "ready to use" and then
play with it a while, in any case.

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