Don't ship GTA02v5 without the rework

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Sat Apr 19 18:31:40 CEST 2008

Andrea Debortoli wrote:
> 2008/4/19, Kevin Dean <kevin at 
>> It is quite possible to make your statement by NOT purchasing a v5
>> unit and waiting for a v6. Choosing to wait yourself, without passing
>> the delay and costs onto everyone else is the most ethical, polite way
>> to solve the problem.
> I don't know if it's possible to explicitly choose a GTA02v5 or a 
> GTA02v6 at the buying moment...
> if someone will tell us something about this I'll be more quiet...:)
> I'm very happy that someone is going to buy a bugged hw (although 
> barely), but remember that battery lifetime is (and probably will always 
> be) a critical issue for Freerunners, and personally I don't want to buy 
> an hw revision that increase these issues...(knowing that there is a 
> better one around the corner)

I agree... There's also another issue to consider: in the marketing 
threads it was said that the first "thousands phones" will have more 
goods in their box, so this makes me think that only people buying a v5 
will get these things.

My personal position is now quite singular, since I'd like to get the 
best hardware I can (since I know there's it already) but I also need a 
phone (but with good power management and so good daily usage) as soon 
as I can.

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