Charging Neo Freerunner via USB port

Hans L thehans at
Sat Apr 19 18:35:24 CEST 2008

Great summary Michael, and a good discussion.  It would be nice to see
the ability to support other fast chargers in the future.  That is one
of my pet peeves about cell phones is that it seems every single
company(and often even every model made by that company) has it's own
specific charger which is incompatible with anything else.

Michael Shiloh wrote:
>  In summary, the Neo can charge at 3 different rates: 100mA, 500mA, and 1A.

Just to be absolutely clear, are these 3 rates hardwired into the
circuitry?  Or might it be possible in the future to support(through
only software changes) some charger that has for example a max rating
of 750mA, and get the maximum output from it.
The discussion up to this point seems to indicate that the best that
could be done with this theoretical charger would be 500mA.  I suppose
it doesn't make a huge difference, but something I'd like to know for

- Hans Loeblich

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