Freerunner will be GTA02v5 or GTA02v6?

Michael Shiloh michael at
Sat Apr 19 20:07:08 CEST 2008

I'll ask Steve to say something about this. He's much more in the loop 
regarding our manufacturing process than I am.


Tim Niemeyer wrote:
> Hello Michael Shiloh,
> can you please clear this?
> * "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" <mail at> [18-04-08 17:45]:
>> I'm re-posting here some mails from the openmoko-devel "Future Button 
>> and LED software spec" thread [1] in which there are some infos about 
>> Freerunner hardware that I think they should be more visible.
>> Summarizing, they say that the GTA02v6 hardware version fixes an 
>> hardware bug that causes the LEDs to use about 150mW instead of 25mW.
>> Btw Werner Almesberger stated there that the first batch of GTA02 to be 
>> sold will be composed by GTA02v5 phones while GTA02v6 hardware will be 
>> sold only in a second phase.
>> The hardware differencies between the two versions [2] (I've updated 
>> with this LEDs issue) don't seem so worthless since there are some power 
>> fixes (not only this one).
>> Read below:
>>> Andy Powell wrote:
>>>> Shawn Rutledge wrote:
>>>>> Werner Almesberger wrote:
>>>>> Right now, we could only leave them (the LEDs) permanently on, which 
>>>>> comes with a
>>>>> hefty electricity bill, particularly on GTA02v5 (each LED burns about
>>>>> 150mW). In GTA02v6, this should come down to about 25mW, maybe less.
>>>> But  GTA02v5 is not going to ship, is it?
>>>>> Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
>>>>>> Werner Almesberger wrote:
>>>>>> Last thing I've heard, the first units will be GTA02v5 :-(
>>>>>>> thomasg wrote:
>>>>>>> @Werner: do you know - or can you figure out - how many GTA02v5 will
>>>>>>> leave the factory and reach the customers?
>>>>>> I've heard something like "thousands". However, I've also heard that
>>>>>> there'll be some sort of fix for the LED problem in these GTA02v5.
>>>>> Why this? Why not selling v6 directly? And... Which are other diffs
>>>>> between v5 and v6? I think that the power usage of every element of the
>>>>> phone is vital.
>>>>> And which kind of fix for v5 is planned?
>>> I certainly think that this should be made very very clear to people 
>>> buying the first batches and not just left as a passing comment on the dev 
>>> list.
>> So why shipping semi-bugged hardware if there's a fixed version ready?
>> [1]
>> [2]
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