Steve on V5 versus v6

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Sat Apr 19 20:21:23 CEST 2008

First some clarification. I have a totally different understanding of the
LED situation. 
So let me check with folks before clarifying.

In any case, I will find out the information on the real differences.  And
also if any apps actually use the LEDS.

I know some of the a5/a6 changes were made just to make it easier for us to

As far as the goodies in the box go. Whether it's an A5 or a A6, the box
will the following at least.
I'm still sorting through some issues.

1. phone.
2. Battery
3. Custom Charger
4. Sdcard.
5. Stylus.
6. USB cable.

Sometime down the road I will pull out the Sdcard and try to put in a
branded Neo stylus. No promises.

Headset, I am working on. No promises.


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Marco Trevisan (Treviño) ha scritto:
> I agree... There's also another issue to consider: in the marketing 
> threads it was said that the first "thousands phones" will have more 
> goods in their box, so this makes me think that only people buying a 
> v5 will get these things.
> My personal position is now quite singular, since I'd like to get the 
> best hardware I can (since I know there's it already) but I also need 
> a phone (but with good power management and so good daily usage) as 
> soon as I can.

Well, for me it's important to have a good hardware, if it has some known
issue i would prefer that they sould be solved, if this LED bug could be
fixed with a simple transistor replacement, this transistor is in the
GTA02v5 box and it's possible for a normal guy with a little soldering
skills to replace this transistor it's not a problem (read something like
"if i can do that it's ok :D").
If the issue is something that can't be solved it's something that goes
opposite of what is GTA02 for, a solid hardware platform.
"Every commercial product has bug" it's not a good point.

I'll buy it if it's fixable, waiting for a word from OM :D


(Despite everything i really like the OM approach!! Go Go OM Guys and
remember, may the source be with you!! :D)

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