Don't ship GTA02v5 without the rework

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 Personally I'd vote LEDS off the island. But since we are open source
people can write apps to turn on every feature of the phone in any way they
want and drain the battery in any way they want. I will ask the question if
the LED
Can be turned off entirely.  


 I feel like Clark Griswold.

 At the end his father in law says " the little lights are not twinkling."  

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I agree.

If the LED's are used by the software to show various states in the
software, then why can't we just use software to turn them off when we don't
want them on?

Problem solved, without any hardware hacks needed.

That's the beauty of open source. Find where the lights are controlled, work
around it so the LED's never stay on permanently if you don't want them to,
and carry on.


Federico Lorenzi wrote:
> How long exactly do you plan on keeping your LEDs on for?
> the LEDs aren't exactly a deal breaking feature.

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