Freerunner and Earthquakes

Brandon Kruger bmk789 at
Sat Apr 19 23:02:35 CEST 2008

After recently having a 5.2 earthquake here in the Midwest, I realized the 
potential in the Openmoko for detecting/pinpointing earthquakes.  What this 
is mostly dependant on is the accuracy of the accelerometers in the 
Freerunner.  From what I've read, Macbooks' accelerometers and detect and 
measure earthquakes fairly accurately. [1]  If the Freerunner's 
accelerometers are precise enough and it could be attached to a fixed ground, 
we could use GPS to retreive an accurate location and record and upload 
accelerometer data to a database.  Many different devices running this could 
provide intensity levels at many different locations and (at least fairly 
accurately), pinpoint an epicenter.  This data could become useful to 
researchers and would provide information about an earthquake faster than 
almost any news network would provide.



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