Do we REALLY need a phone?

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On Sun April 20 2008 11:09:07 am Flemming Richter Mikkelsen wrote:
> I want to comment on the modularity thing.
> PCMCIA is not even an option. If you look at the trend,
> you will notice that more and more comes in SoC
> (System on Chip). This is complete systems with
> internal bus, etc. This is micro system technology.
> I know that we will see more of those and they will
> be standard items you can buy.
> (SDIO cards has the normal SD-card size, mini SDIO has the same size
> as a mini SD card)
> I guess that in a few years you can buy all of
> these (some are already for sale):
> - WiFi mini SDIO module
> - Bluetooth mini SDIO module
> - GiFi mini SDIO module
> - UMTS SDIO module
> - GSM SDIO module
> - SDIO TV tuner
> - SDIO DAB receiver
> ...
> So a device with 4 SDIO slots could be the future.

What I think would be a great scenario is the ability to go the Openmoko 
website and customize a GTA0x like you would customize a PC.  Add GSM, GPS, 
Wifi, BT, Accelerometers, SSD, or anything and price would vary based on 
hardware built in.  This may be impossible today, but it could open plenty of 
doors in the future.  Ideally, we could let the consumer decide what 
radios/memory/case they need and cost would adjust based on features.

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