99 vs RED (or was it PINK) Phone cases

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Mon Apr 21 11:43:18 CEST 2008

Alexey Feldgendler wrote:
>> and YES I agree, the remaining V5 vs V6 issues seem small
>> (but we did get extra info and  clarification, thanks Tony).
> BTW, there is a way to work around the v5 issue in software. Because the 
> LED in an unmodified v5 shines 6 or so times as bright as it should (and 
> eats 6 times more power), the solution is to correct the brightness with 
> PWM to reduce it 6 times. This would bring the brightness and power 
> consumption to normal. 

Well, I didn't know there was also this software "workaround", since the 
only that was stated was turning off the LED itself...
Anyway, according to the latest news also the v5 hardware shipped in MP 
will be fixed, so also this issue is gone away...

> However, I suspect that for many community 
> members who were so eager to prefer v6 over v5, simply knowing that 
> there is a workaround, and thus no known unavoidable hardware bugs exist 
> in v5, would be enough, and actually implementing the workaround would 
> not be that important. :-)

Well, a workaround like this can be considered something like a real fix 
imho :P

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