"Getting Things Done" with Openmoko

Tilman Baumann tilman at baumann.name
Mon Apr 21 12:55:17 CEST 2008

Hans L wrote:

> I'm still working on fully implementing these ideas (been setting up
> my filing/reference system lately), but it seems to me a device
> running Openmoko would be the perfect place to do much of this
> organizing/planning/management.  And while I'm certainly not holding
> out for my Freerunner before trying these methods, I do think it could
> make a great addition to this system.

It's basically traditional PIM, but with a certain magic touch.
So making the traditional PIM apps more process oriented would be a nice 
first step to a mobile GTD helper.

I think orienting the design of these components around DTD ideas would 
prove very rewarding...
Hello openhand UI/PIM gurus? :)


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