Progress on GTA01 power management issues !

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Mon Apr 21 18:59:14 CEST 2008

Give me a break.  

1) Worst case, no fix, so led is disabled.  Phone is therefore useless?   Why do you exaggerate?  I speculate you are discouraging people so that they also waste there money on an iPhone and therefore partially validate your flawed decision to buy one.

2) Open development taken with current community size means we are already past the critical volume required to sustain long term access to knowledgeable people and web resources.  The traffic on the dev lists for openmoko is comparable to projects that sustain for many years.

3) iPhone + gps = 399$ + 150$

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Still no official comments on this issue ?

Until this is resolved I advice newcomers to be careful before
spending $399 on another piece of potentially
useless hardware (GTA02). From my point of view openmoko might be as
silent and unresponsive, using "busy
with nextgen hardware" as an excuse with any future hardware revision.

The iPhone is not open but at least useful, and also $399 !


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