Progress on GTA01 power management issues !

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Mon Apr 21 19:15:01 CEST 2008

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 10:27 AM, Fredrik Markström
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> Still no official comments on this issue ?
>  Until this is resolved I advice newcomers to be careful before
>  spending $399 on another piece of potentially
>  useless hardware (GTA02).

If you think your GTA01 is useless, I'll buy it from you for $5 USD...
I'd love to have a spare battery for mine. I use the Neo1973 as my
primary phone and digital audio player. Furthermore, it's powered by
Free Software except for the bits that I'm explicitly informed are
NOT. Respecting my property rights is quite valuable IMO. The device
is functional enough to be used for me.

I'd advise ANYONE making value judgements to look at the definition of
"value". It's inherently different for everyone, which is why the
ideas of "commerce" and "sale" and "free markets" work - because the
value of a good is different for one person than another and when that
exchange of values benefits BOTH parties, it is a "good" sale.

Power management issues are well known on GTA01 and there are people
who still think the device is a good value, myself included.  People
should evaluate their own uses and decide from themselves. Keep in
mind that without selling the Freerunner, there won't BE an "improved"

> From my point of view openmoko might be as
>  silent and unresponsive, using "busy
>  with nextgen hardware" as an excuse with any future hardware revision.

As opposed to every other device manufacturer? I've never had Nokia or
Motorola or Samsung or anyone else fix my problems right away. One the
flip side, Openmoko is pretty clear about what's happening.
Furthermore, they were also pretty clear when I entered my credit card
information into the online storefront that there WOULD be issues with
the device and that it was a developer's edition.

>  The iPhone is not open but at least useful, and also $399 !

And yet, this is the Openmoko community list, full of people who are
interested in Openmoko products. Some of us don't care one iota about
the iPhone because (again, that value thing) it's not worth our money.
For me, I'd not pay to be in Apple's golden cage - I'm sure others
fell the same way. For other people, iPhone is a social cliche -
useless because it's popular. If the iPhone is better than a product
offered by Openmoko, spend your money on an iPhone instead.

>  /Fredrik
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