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For the record, my "tip a programmer" thing was almost pure sarcasm. I
find this discussion to be amusing by the level of absurdity in it.

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 9:57 AM, ramsesoriginal
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>  Ok, so first, i also would like to see 400$ instead of 399$, because
>  it's simply a matter of being honest.

How is Openmoko charging $399 dishonest?  Do you REALLY believe there
are people on the planet who are such consumer sheep that they'd part
with $399 but would be able to "resist" a $400 product?

I could PERHAPS see your arguement if Openmoko's advertising said
something like "Affordably priced under four-hundred dollars" I'd
think that MIGHT (and even that hesitantly) be misleading. This hasn't
been said. "The FreeRunner will ship from Openmoko.com at $399." is
what was said, a simple statement of fact.

In the end, the price is $399. If you want to pay that, cool. Do so.
If you have a problem with that price, don't buy it. It is a decision
EVERY potential buyer will have to make based on their own criteria.
No human being can think for another.

>  Then the bounty for code: i would rather see bountyes for bugfixes:
>  everyoen likes to implement new features, but nobody lieks maintaining
>  code. Another way of "Bounty for developers" that I really would like
>  is that the developers put there hoem adress somewhere in the wiki,
>  and then the user who like the feature can send him a postcard/thank
>  you card. A bit like Linus Torvalds originally made for Linux. That's
>  something that really would push me, as a developer, to do more. Maybe
>  it would help even more then a sporadic 5$ on my paypal account.
>  And for the openmoko subscription/club/frequent buyers: This coul be a
>  really great idea. A yearly membership fee, but for three
>  recommendations you get it for free (so if I recommend the phone to
>  three people i get the membership for free), and members get access to
>  a membership card, a pouch and a special homepage, where they can
>  browse all openmoko community created products and maybe get a 10%
>  discount or something like that. And at the yearly OpenmokoCon (and we
>  sure are going to make it, aren't we?) the members get reserved places
>  at the talks :D
>  Jsut my two EuroCents
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