Steve on V5 versus v6

Steven Kurylo sk at
Mon Apr 21 20:56:57 CEST 2008

> > I would like to see the pouch in the package, too :(
> >
> Que "but the majority of users never use a pouch" and "you'd be better off
> using a $30 iPod sock" responses.

Who would say suchs things?

Of course I think you *MUST* fit a pony in the box.  The freerunner
will never be popular without a pony.  I got a pony with my last phone
and everyone wants a pony!  Also you can get much cheaper ponies in
Asia then I can around here.  So those who don´t want a pony can throw
it in the bin or turn it into dinner.

Also buying a non-openmoko pony just isn´t the same thing.  Even if I
can use the openmoko logo to brand the pony myself...

Steven Kurylo

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