Openmoko sounds, Motto

Georg Michelitsch gm_ail at
Mon Apr 21 23:35:16 CEST 2008

ramsesoriginal wrote on 04/21/2008 10:53 PM:
> Following Michaels request for a homepage for the photos, I stumbled
> upon two simple questions:
> 1) Do we have soem sort of motto (like "Hello Moto", "Connecting People", ...)
> 2) Is there an official Openmoko sound set? Systems sounds, but maybe
> even a specific song or something? This could also be useful for ads,
> or for branding, and so on.
> Has anyone got some input?

Concerning the soundset (if I understood right you meant something like 
a standard sound for the phone-startup as a lot of other companies 
pratice) I think a human voice saying "Openmoko - Open mobile 
communication" would be a nice alternation to "Free your phone" or 
"open. mobile. free" .. Even if I like the last two better as a motto I 
think that the first one suits better for some kind of system sound..

cu, Georg

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