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> On Tue, April 22, 2008 5:19 am, Jeremy List wrote:
>> I would be very surprised if there was any law in New Zealand against
>> importing things with foreign power plugs as a few years ago I bought a
>> palm treo which required an adaptor.
>> Adaptors for devices which have the wrong shape of plug but don't mind
>> 240V AC @ 50Hz are much cheaper and more efficient than ones which
>> actually convert the electricity to whatever voltage is standard in the
>> U.S. When I finally get a freerunner, would I fry the charger and/or the
>> phone by using that kind of power supply?
> I doubt this will be a problem. If you look at the photograph of the
> charger and it's adapters. You can see that the charger has flat prongs
> for American sockets, and that two adapters are supplied. On the top right
> is an adapter with two round pins suitable for most parts of western
> Europe. On the bottom right is one with three rectangular prongs for the
> UK and some former British colonies such as India.
> These days most wall wart adapters are switch mode power supplies and can
> handle a large range of voltages, so I would be quite surprised if the
> Freerunner one can't, though obviously I will check the rating printed on
> it before I plug it into the mains for the first time.
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> David Pottage
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Sadly none of those adaptors will actually fit into the wall in NZ.
Fortunately if the voltage is compatible I can get an adaptor from my
nearest supermarket.

Our wall sockets look like this one.
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