What US plans are people using?

ian douglas ian.douglas at iandouglas.com
Wed Apr 23 00:18:54 CEST 2008

Travis Tabbal wrote:
>     This implies that a GTA01bv4 can NOT use 850 mhz. But my Neo1973 works
>     PERFECTLY in the USA, which means either it DOES support 850mhz OR
>     that the LACK of 850mhz is irrelevant.
> As I understand it, 850 will matter or not depending on where you live 
> and what provider you use. So you might be in an area or with a provider 
> that uses 1900 a large majority of the time. Those selling GTA01 units 
> probably live in an area that requires 850 for decent coverage.

I can confirm Travis' comments. Until a month ago, I lived in an area of 
Los Angeles that dropped my current AT&T phone down to 850MHz, and the 
Neo would not connect to the AT&T network when this happened. Once I was 
out in the open, the GTA01v4 connected to AT&T just fine.

It'd be handy to modify the firmware to indicate on the GUI which band 
the Neo/Freeruner is using, if that's possible. Not sure if that's been 
discussed before or not.


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